Diane Sherry Case

Diane Sherry Case has had a rich and varied career in the arts, beginning as a child actor, best known for her role as Lana Lang – the first Superhero’s first girlfriend in Superman, the Movie. But Diane has her own super power – she’s the Word Wizard!

Diane is also the author of countless short stories and two novels, Elephant Milk and Earth To Skye, as well as an award winning filmmaker Valentine’s Day, Spa-tel, House Poor, and as a hobby – she loves to draw!

Artistic expression has sustained Diane through many a loss and trauma. With immense gratitude for the gifts she’s been given, she is elated to share her life-affirming keys to awaken the creative spirit.

Diane has an MFA in Creative Writing and a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University. She has taught many a therapist to use writing in their practices. She lives, writes, draws, and teaches in Santa Monica, California.

Here’s What Everyone Else Says:

“We psychotherapists hear so much now about the importance of ‘integration’: body and mind, right brain and left brain, implicit memory and explicit memory, limbic system and neocortex, hope and dread. Write for Recovery is all about integration. The prompts bring new awareness to the interplay between thoughts and feelings, to how we have implicitly made sense of our past experience, and to what we hope for the future.”
Dr. Mark Winitsky, Psychoanalyst. Westwood, California.

“Amazing exercises make free-flow recovery writing not only possible but beautiful and rich.”
Kitty Mak, Attorney. Los Angeles, California.

“I’m always excited by creative new approaches to theraputic writing, which your program clearly is.”
Dr. James Pennebaker, Professor at University of Texas, Austin.

“Write For Recovery provides a unique and creative means to understand and cope with the feelings and emotions that are a basic part of therapy. These exercises engage the imagination and make writing fun while fulfilling an essential role in the recovery process. I personally enjoyed do- ing some of the exercises and applied it to my own work in music therapy. I think other recovery professionals will find Write For Recovery a very effective tool in their programs. This is a series of exercises that really work.”
Tony Fried, Music Therapist at 180 Treatment Center, Austin.

“Diane is, by far, one of the most compassionate, intuitive, and fiercest women I have ever encountered. She was capable of understanding and comforting me when I was at life’s worst. She can introduce you to your muses as well as provide different perspectives. She’s immaculate!”
Kaleb King, age 25, actor, painter, writer

"Diane instilled in me the value of telling my story. She guided me on an enjoyable adventure into my past, exploring my childhood and early adulthood, as well as the beginnings of my career. She helped awaken long-forgotten memories and convinced me that the story of my life is worthy of a book. Working with Diane was a powerful experience that resulted in the beginnings of a memoir that, in the very least, will be a precious heirloom for my children and grandchildren."
Gary W. Wilson, former chairman of NORTHWEST AIRLINES, former CFO of THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY, former CFO of MARRIOTT

“Diane is uniquely talented, not only in teaching writing technique but also in getting the ideas to flow. Especially with biographical work it is her own adventurous and multi-faceted life that gives her the perspective to figure out what makes her clients tick. With good natured but firm prodding she keeps you on track, encouraging you to dig deep and come up with truly compelling content. She is an invaluable resource for anyone starting out on their writing journey as well as seasoned professionals who wish to hone their skills.”
Ferdinand O. Von Galen, author of Why America

“I went through a lot before I got pregnant and your writings really helped me transition out of manic stage in my life. Thanks for helping me bring more peace. You will always be a mentor to me.”
Sara Radak, former member of Safe Place for Youth

“Safe Place for Youth youth enjoy Diane's weekly visits and writing prompts. Diane engages the youth in a kind and respectful manner, and encourages them to write from their heart and express themselves”
Sarah Boemke. Healing Arts Program Manager at Safe Place for Youth.