iane Sherry Case has had a rich and varied career in the arts, beginning as a child actor, best known for her role as Lana Lang – the first Superhero’s first girlfriend in Superman, the Movie. But Diane has her own super power – she’s the Word Wizard!

Diane is also the author of countless short stories and two novels, Elephant Milk and Earth To Skye, as well as an award winning filmmaker Valentine’s Day, Spa-tel, House Poor, and as a hobby – she loves to draw!

Artistic expression has sustained Diane through many a loss and trauma. With immense gratitude for the gifts she’s been given, she is elated to share her life-affirming keys to awaken the creative spirit.

Diane has an MFA in Creative Writing and a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University. She has taught many a therapist to use writing in their practices. She lives, writes, draws, and teaches in Santa Monica, California.


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