Writing can serve to
heal wounds, express
hope, and learn more
about the self.

You will learn dozens of ways to write from the heart. We will bypass your fear and intellect. You will be surprised by what you write. You are wiser than you think. Many studies on journaling have shown that just twenty minutes a week improves health, both physical and psychological.

But just being told to write is not enough. Write For Recovery goes beyond journaling, using a very eclectic group of prompts to create new narratives, cultivate spiritual practices and integrate psychological theories and principles into your day-to-day life.

Write For Recovery is for both writers and non-writers. You can use the exercises at any level or depth you are comfortable with. Each prompt can become either positive or negative, painful or joyful, angry or sad, depending on where the you are at.

We process old memories, both good and bad. We draw from narrative therapy to help you rewrite your stories and gain new perspectives. We use cognitive behavioral techniques that serve to give you new ways to speak to yourself. Prompts on spiritual practices and mindfulness will aid in reducing anxiety, tolerating pain, and opening yourself to joy.

Writing can serve to heal wounds, express hope, and learn more about the self. It can help you find your center, keep current in your emotions, and explore your relationships. It can bring clarity to the search for meaning and purpose in your life. Last but not least, creative writing can be fun and uplifting!