…you will write from

the heart and surprise



hen you’re stuck emotionally or blocked creatively, and you know that writing would help but the page is blank and your pen won’t move your mission is to develop a daily expressive writing ritual that will awaken creativity, strengthen spirituality, and increase mindfulness, so that you don’t ever have to suffer feeling “stuck” or “blocked” again!

My promise is that you will write from the heart and surprise yourself! You are wiser than you think!

Write For Recovery is for writers and non-writers. Break through writer’s block and get in a daily habit of art hygiene. Generate more material for your fiction or memoir. Develop a relationship with your inner therapist – who is always available – wherever there’s a pen and paper!

Together we will:

  • bring clarity to your situation
  • help heal old wounds
  • keep current in your emotions
  • cultivate more mindfulness
  • enrich spiritual practices
  • define your dreams
  • learn more about your truest self.

And – last but not least, the writing we will awaken your creative spirit, getting you out of your head and into your heart!

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